Imperial Collection Vodka Fabergé Egg Ruby

Imperial Collection Vodka Fabergé Egg Ruby

40% Vol
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Imperial Collection Vodka Fabergé Egg Ruby, Imperial Collection Vodka is a premium vodka in a very exclusive version. It is produced only from carefully selected, high-quality winter wheat from the Russian steppes and the purest glacier water from Lake Ladoga in the north. It is then distilled eight times.

The Fabergé Egg is a souvenir of the famous Russian jeweler, the gilded eagle on the egg is the handicraft of a goldsmith from Florence, all other ornaments are made of 24-carat gold and the carafe and glasses inside the egg are the finest handicraft from Venice.

Imperial Collection Vodka is crystal clear and velvety, elegant in taste. Imperial Collection Vodka Fabergé Egg Ruby a must collect bottle.



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